Hollywood Car Wash

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Reviewed by Diane Keyes

According to the Amazon Rating System for book reviews, Hollywood Car Wash is a four star book. Paraphrasing Amazon: This is a really good book, one I look forward to reading again and a book I’ll promote and loan to my friends.

I love this book. It is well written, fascinating and insightful. Told in the first person, it is the story of a young college drama student who auditions for a part in a weekly TV drama and gets it.

Lori Culwell’s voice as Amy Spencer is both vulnerable and authentic. I can’t help but wonder what part author Culwell played in the Hollywood scene to gather so much insider information. It is difficult to remember this book is a work of fiction, even as I write the review I realize I am assuming that everything she writes about is accurate and true. Like I said, I love this book, and it is a very convincing indictment of the star system.

The title Hollywood Car Wash is actually a term that refers to the transformation expected of actors in order for them to achieve sufficient star power to become cash cows for the networks.

For Amy Spencer it begins with a name change and a modest request by the network for her to lose a few pounds—but soon escalates into complete control by the powers-that-be over what she eats, wears, says and who she’s seen with—until she loses herself completely.

This book confirms a theory I’ve had about the Hollywood star system for a very long time. The studios make offers that few of us could or would refuse. It’s not that the stars have weak characters or no moral fiber, it’s simply that most of us aren’t equipped to live life effectively without boundaries.

The Hollywood machine is a master of seduction and a very slippery slope. People like Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohan are more to be pitied than censored. Did I mention, I love this book?

Armchair Interviews says: Did the reviewer mention she LOVED this book?

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