Heartbreak Town

Published By: Three Rivers Press

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Linda Lee

Lucy Hatch Farrell left her country-singing husband in Nashville and returned to her east Texas hometown of Mooney. Heartbroken and afraid, she decided she couldn’t live with Ash’s drinking and wanted more for her son, Jude. So she’s just a bit surprised when months later she wakes to find a new pickup truck parked in her yard and her estranged husband’s cowboy boots sticking out the window–the same husband who is supposed to be in rehab.

Ash had to sign himself out of rehab. It just wasn’t working for him. He knows if he and Lucy can work things out it will be better than any rehab. And so what if Lucy won’t let him move into the house they both still own? He can always park a trailer in the yard and live there. He can also have company there, even a raven-haired woman who has a less-than-stellar reputation. If Lucy doesn’t want him back right away, he’s got things to work on.

Several weeks after Ash shows up, a young man comes looking for him. Hardy Knox has tracked Ash all the way from Tennessee to Texas because he knows they would make a great song writing and performing duo. At first surprised to see him, Ash lets him hang around and work with him. They might be famous some day, and in the meantime Hardy can teach Jude something about music on the days Ash has him after school.

The characters are fun, witty, caring and smart. Lucy loves Ash and wants things to work out while keeping in mind there is no quick fix for his alcoholism. She tries to be very careful of Jude’s feelings while she works at giving Ash the benefit of the doubt. Ash knows he’s messed up but truly wants to make things right again. His love of Lucy was his inspiration when song writing was going well. Fun, believable, sweet, and sassy–all come to mind after reading this book.

Armchair Interviews says: This is the third of four books in this series, and you’ll want the others.

Author’s Web site: http://www.MarshaMoyer.com

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