Hardly a Silent Night: Christmas in a Small Town Parsonage

Published By: Kirk House Publishers

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Biography & Autobiography

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

Do you know a PK (preacher's kid, that is?). Kurtz, in his memoir of being a PK, tells that he was far from perfect, i.e., he was a normal kid.

Years ago it was common practice that the preacher and his family live in the church-owned parsonage (never owning their own home, just moving from parsonage to parsonage).

Father, the preacher was busy serving his congregation, preparing sermons and tending the ill and dying. Mother was busy worrying about "what the members will think about ___," forcing the family to be on display all the time. Hey, I grew up in that time and I remember how members would talk about the preacher's wife clothing, their car, how the kids acted--as if we all were their supervisors. Whew, that must have been hard for the family members.

Mom ruled the house but relied on Dad for a firm word of discipline. Their supper table (evening meal) stories took me back to a time when everyone was at this meal--no sports practices or games, no lessons, no time classes, just family-first priority.

Amusing and heartwarming romp through this family's life at Christmas time, where everything evolved around this special season.

Armchair Interviews says that with a reminiscing sense of humor, Kurtz brings nostalgia to your heart and mind. It is an ideal gift for someone who grew up when the author did, early 50s and shared the situations. It's also a good reminder to all of us of family togetherness, another way grandparents can share their growing-up life with their grandkids.

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