Harbor Lights (Chesapeake Shores Novels)

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Reviewed by Beth Cummings

Sherryl Woods is a prolific writer of romance fiction. Harbor Lights is the third novel in her Chesapeake Shores series, yet it holds its own as a stand-alone book. I have not read the earlier two books, but I found the characters and background story were developed enough that I didn’t feel like I was desperately missing something – sometimes a problem when reading a “series” book out of sequence.

Set in the village of Chesapeake Shores, along the bay of the same name, the story focuses on young divorcee, Shanna Carlyle, a newcomer to the area who is opening a bookstore/coffee shop on Main Street. Her property is leased from a member of the local O’Brien clan – developers of the town, and she discovers that another family member, Bree, owns the flower shop next door. As she struggles to put together the new bookshelves for her shop, she meets yet another O’Brien, Kevin, who happens to be stopping by at his sister’s shop with his small son, Davy. He offers his assistance and their friendship begins. He is recently widowed and still feeling guilty and depressed over his wife’s death as a soldier in Iraq. Thus the plot begins to thicken.

Harbor Lights is a fairly predictable romance novel, but the writing and the story are engaging enough to make it a fun book. The interactions between the members of the O’Brien clan as well as Shanna’s reaction to them are both humorous and touching. Shanna has always dreamed of wanted to be a part of a large, rollicking family, but finds to her dismay that there are also serious drawbacks. Working out the complications forms the basis for much of the book.

I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it as a beach or poolside novel. It is light, yet engaging enough to allow for escapism. I am sure that fans of Woods’ earlier novels will be pleased with this one too.

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