Garfield: 30 Years of Laughs and Lasagna

Published By: Ballantine Books

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Comics & Graphic Novels

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Reviewed by Yuka Mizushima

I went grocery shopping the other day and saw a stuffed Garfield suctioned to the rear window in the car next to me. Sure, he was a bit faded but he was still hanging on. It’s hard to believe that Garfield is thirty years old because he’s still fresh and funny each day.

Garfield:30 Years of Laughs and Lasagna celebrates each decade. Jim Davis wrote an introduction for each section. I enjoyed getting to know more about Jim Davis: what inspires/motivates him as well as fun facts about the strip. There’s also a section of Jim’s favorite strips and why he chose them. It was interesting to see how Garfield “evolved” from the beginning of the strip, his eyes and body becoming rounder. There is a wonderful blend of black and white and color comic strips.

All of your favorite characters are in this book. Jon is still trying to get a hot date (or any date) for the weekend. Odie remains Garfield’s faithful sidekick. Nermal is still the world’s cutest kitten and Garfield’s nemesis. Irma, the waitress at the diner, has some great one-liners. The themes are also classic: attempts at dieting, impressing your date, and family vacations on the farm. Garfield remains sarcastic, sometimes selfish but also has a good heart. He appeals to us because he’ll say the things that we think but would never say. Some of my favorite Garfield strips feature Garfield dressing up in food. Hilarious!

What have I learned from reading Garfield? Mondays are never easy, family is where they love you and put up with you, things are better when you hug your teddy bear, and lasagna is always delicious! This book made me laugh out loud and is a must have for all fans!

Armchair Interviews says: A perfect example of why we adore Garfield.

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