For Her Eyes Only

Published By: Avon

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Shawn Remfrey

This is the third book in the psychic triplets trilogy and features the eldest triplet, Leona. Both of her sisters have passed through the eye of danger and are safe with their protectors. Now Leona knows that the danger is coming after her, but she doesn’t know in what form. She’s also unprepared, since she has never wanted her gift of sight–and hasn’t worked at all to develop it.

When a young gifted woman, Janet, comes to her for help, she doesn’t have the heart to turn her away, despite everything she’s going through. With the help of Janet’s brother, Owen, Leona must unravel the mystery surrounding Janet as well as end the curse that has surrounded her family for generations.

I loved the first two books in this trilogy and could not wait to get my hands on this book to find out what happens next! In the beginning I was sadly disappointed. The story of Leona starts out much slower than I’d hoped, and I had quite a bit of trouble forcing myself to continue reading. After the first couple of chapters everything picked up and I was again with the author I’ve come to love, and happy that I had forced myself to continue reading.

Though this book deals mainly with Leona’s story, the backstory is what had me most interested. We still have all of the same lovable characters from the first two books making appearances, and we finally get some answers to questions that have been plaguing us since the beginning. The best part for me was finally finding out whom the bad guy was and what he was trying to achieve.

Anyone who has read the first two books in this series needs to read this book. Though Leona’s story could stand on its own, the important part of this book is that it finally draws a conclusion to the family saga that has been shown throughout all three books.

Armchair Interviews says: Nice ending to a great trilogy.

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