Five Things I Can’t Live Without

Published By: 5 Spot

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Reviewed by Carrie Spellman

Nora is 29, employed, and finally involved with a good man. Along with her height and weight, these are the things she’s pretty sure she knows about herself. Howver, the things she doesn’t know can, and do, fill a book. Actually, the job and the man might even be questionable if her meta-life has anything to say about it.

Meta-life is Nora’s single most constant companion. It’s the running commentary in her head that debates and criticizes everything she says and does. Sometimes her meta-life drives her a little bit crazy. Though that could just be the low blood sugar, sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Nora’s first strike against her meta-life is to quit her job at the animal shelter—the place she’s been comfortably unhappy at for two years. Deciding to finally put her writing skills to good use, she turns herself into a freelance “Internet Dating Consultant.” For a fee she will rewrite your profile on your Internet dating service of choice. Things seem to be going well at first, but Nora’s meta-life can’t be too quiet for too long.

Between career worries, boyfriend issues, friend epiphanies, salsa lessons, and timing the Mom phone calls, Nora and her meta-life are mounting a pitched battle. Winner take all.

Hilarious, biting, and painfully realistic all at once. This is the kind of book where, if you’re a woman, you laugh out loud two seconds before you cringe in recognition. If you’re a man and you make it two chapters into this book, you’ll understand why women can’t accept “Nothing” as a response when we ask what you’re thinking. It will make you take a good look at yourself, and the voice in your head, in the funniest, wittiest way imaginable.

Take a break from your own meta-life and give this book a try.

Armchair Interviews says: You might have to add it to your list of five things YOU can’t live without.

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