Everybody Loves Somebody

Published By: Back Bay Books

Book Category: Fiction, Short Stories

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Reviewed by Kathy Johnson

Coming in December 2006, author Joanna Scott, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize with The Manikin, brings the reader captivating tales in Everybody Loves Somebody.

Her book is a collection of ten short stories that parade across the 20th century, telling sagas of love; those who find it, those who lose it, and those who keep looking.

A full spectrum of relationships is brought to the page, including love between couples, love between parents and children, and love among siblings. Many different forms of love--and the breathtaking results, struggles, and stings suffered because of love--are captured. Romantic love is not the only story within the pages of this book, rather a love that comes through struggles and the search for a tie with another human being.

Armchair Interviews says: The depth that only love can bring to a soul is captured within the pages of Everybody Loves Somebody.

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