Ethics for a Finite World: An Essay Concerning a Sustainable Future

Published By: Fulcrum Publishing

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Social Science

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

In the foreword, Richard D. Lamm, former governor of Colorado, says, and I paraphrase here: The great earthshaking controversies in our history...have been initiated by people who were characterized as heretic for challenging the straight jacket of orthodoxy. New ideas come particularly hard in public policy.

On the inside over the author wrote, "We need a new basis for ethical behavior, lest we suffer the wrath of Mother Nature." He takes on traditional environmental ethics like the balance between human activity and the environment.

Written before Hurricane Katrina and Rita, Elliot writes that our first ethical obligation should be to maintain the endurance and resistance of the Earth's ecosystem. Then, after the environment is secured, we need to turn our attention to human population.

This book has heavy, mind-boggling content that makes us realize we have only one Earth and each of us should be doing our part in saving it and its people.

Today the now-retired author, formerly a professor, lives simply and treads lightly on the earth. He wants us to do the same.

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