Dave Wood's Christmas Book: Stories, Traditions, Recipes and Celebrations

Published By: Kirk House Publishers

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Biography & Autobiography

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

To enjoy Dave Wood's memoir of Christmas foods, you 1) best be Scandinavian or German, 2) like to eat and 3) enjoy reading about family celebrations. That's a bunch of us, yes?

Dave Wood was a long-time book editor for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, respected for his good book reviews, and known as a good storyteller.

The recipes brought back some fond memories, especially the popcorn balls. You can bet my family will be making some this year. We used to, but somehow the tradition slipped away--like paying cash for Christmas presents.

Wood tells about his family traditions, and the new ones started by he and his wife Ruth, traditions that included family, friends and neighbors. His family had certain foods always eat at certain holidays--and it was NOT turkey. Lefse, oyster stew and other "ethnic foods"--some of it a shock to get used to (lutefish, for example!). I know, I married a Scandinavian.

Our family, which includes two children adopted from Korea, has forgone any Scandinavian or German (my heritage) traditions to celebrate our Christmas Eve meal with bulgolgi, kimchee, mandu, steamed rice and other Korean foods that delight.

Armchair Interviews says that every family needs traditions around food, and Dave Wood shows us how much fun it is to involve others in these traditions.

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