Crazy In Love

Published By: Forever

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Yuka Mizushima

What happens when you’re almost thirty and have difficulties maintaining a steady job and a steady relationship?

If you’re Flynn Daly, you find yourself presented with an offer you can’t refuse. Tired of worrying about Flynn’s safety, love life and diminishing bank account, Flynn’s family schedules an intervention. She joins the family hospitality business and is sent to the Goodhouse Arms inn. The inn belonged to her great-aunt. Now that Aunt Esther is dead, Flynn’s job is to keep the staff calm until her father finds a buyer for the inn.

Jake Tucker was a cop until a key piece of evidence in a high-profile case he was working on went missing. He’s now a bartender at the inn. Mercy, his sister and the inn’s chef, is hoping that he’ll move on with his life. But is it a coincidence that Gordon Chase offered to buy the inn just before Aunt Esther died? And is there a connection between Chase and the missing evidence?

Flynn’s job is to keep the staff calm but she finds herself drawn to the inn and the friendly people. She also finds herself sharing her room with the ghost of great-aunt Esther. Jake finds that his first impression of a spoiled rich girl is wrong. There is something about Flynn that he finds irresistible. Has Flynn finally found a job and a guy that she can commit to?

Crazy In Love is a sweet, fun book. The plot keeps moving, there’s plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and likeable characters. Flynn and Jake are people you’d want to be friends with. The sibling relationships were also a lot of fun. Flynn and Jake have great relationships with their older sisters. Freya and Mercy are convinced that they know what’s best for their younger siblings. Mix in embezzlement, unsolved crime and some CWIL (Crazy Women In Love, an acronym that I love!), and you’re in for a treat.

Armchair Interviews says this blend of mystery and romance is very satisfying read!

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