Courting Emma

Published By: Whitaker House

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Laura V. Hilton

Emma Browning is the proud proprietor of Emma’s Boardinghouse, and “mother” to an array of beefy, unkempt, rowdy men. Her father is the town drunk, and Emma has her hands full trying to manage the boardinghouse and her drunken father.

Jonathan Atkins is the new pastor in town, and he says God wants him to take care of Emma’s alcoholic father. So he makes a spectacle of himself hauling the drunk through town and giving him a much-needed bath. However, Jonathan needs a place to stay.

Emma has repeatedly turned down his requests to stay at the boardinghouse. The last thing she wants is a pastor underfoot, preaching at her. But when Jon starts helping her with her father, she feels that offering him a place to stay is the least she can do. Will Emma be able to experience God’s transforming power at work?

Being raised by her abusive, alcoholic father, Emma wants nothing to do with God or anything religious. Jon is confused why he’s attracted to the proprietor of the boardinghouse, especially since he is a pastor and she wants nothing to do with the God who called him. The conflict is immediate and continues throughout the book, keeping the pages turning.

Courting Emma is the third in the Little Hickman Creek series, but the first book I’ve read by Sharlene MacLaren. I have no idea how all the books in the series tie together, but I can say that Courting Emma easily stands alone, and I wasn’t confused at all.

Armchair Interviews says: Historical romance fans are not going to want to miss Courting Emma.

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