Camp Follower: A Novel of the Revolution

Published By: Whittlers Bench Press

Book Category: Fiction, Historical

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Reviewed by Nikki Young

Camp Follower, set in the time of the Revolutionary war, is the story of a flawed woman who starts life impoverished and abused. As a result of events she has no control over; she becomes a wealthy merchant’s wife–and within three years, an impoverished widow. After many years of struggling she is offered the opportunity to regain some semblance of financial security. But to gain it she must embark on a dangerous assignment, the likes of which no woman of her time has ever taken on. She must follow one of the most ferocious military regiment of the Revolution.

As she travels with the regiment she not only has to adapt to the harsh life of civilians traveling with the military, but also has to navigate the murky waters of treachery, spies, and military politics. Intertwined is the mystery surrounding several murders that occurred right before she embarked on her assignment, and the mysterious last words of one of the victims: “You realize they will kill Madame if they find it.” She must determine if her life is in danger, and if so who is friend and who is foe. She must separate fact from selfish manipulations. Circumstances force her to face a past she’d rather forget and discover who she really is after so many years of pretending.

Camp Follower is an excellent novel; I highly recommend it to anyone. Author Adair weaves a superb tale, which held me enthralled from the first page. The culture of the Revolution is brought to life, and the tension caused by the mistrust of the loyalist, rebels, and neutrals of each other and themselves is palpable.

The most alluring aspect of the book is the inner struggle we watch the heroine go through. She is faced with painful childhood memories and people from long ago who shaped her in ways she never imagined. The real story isn’t so much the things that happen, but the way she rises to the occasion time after time in strength and courage.

Suzan Adair is a talented author and I can’t wait to read more of her work.
Armchair Interviews says: Adair wrote another superb story.

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