Border Moonlight

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Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Heather Durow

By 1388, nearly sixteen, Lady Sibylla Cavers had already spurned three suitors at the altar, much to her father’s dismay. Headstrong and independent, she determined she would marry no man that was chosen for her. Deciding to save himself more heartache and humiliation, her father, Sir Malcolm, put his hopes in his younger daughter, Alice, and let Sibylla be.

By the age of nineteen, Sibylla is happily ensconced at the estate of Princess Isabel. Riding near the river Tweed one day, she hears a child’s screams and heads closer to investigate. Jumping in to save the child, she is quickly trapped herself with an impending sense that she may not make it out of the water.

Simon Murray, Laird of Elishaw, also happens to be riding by that same river with his men just in time to see Sibylla jump to the child’s aid. He also happens to be the second man she left standing at the altar three years previous. Simon and his men manage to rescue the sodden lasses and another child who had also been in the river. Knowing Sibylla at sight, and she him, he takes her and the children to Elishaw.

With a truce in place between England and Scotland, Simon is determined to keep Elishaw neutral. With the aggravating and beautiful Sibylla in his care, events unravel that make his
life much more difficult.

Amanda Scott is a wonderful storyteller and easily places her reader in the middle of Simon and Sibylla’s world. With such a strong heroine and obviously seductive hero, _Border
Moonlight_ flows smoothly and keeps you entranced from beginning to end. The characters are rich and, although not a totally original idea, the story captures you. The author’s use of the Scottish dialect does get a bit strong at times but once you are into it, it becomes easier to
find a rhythm.

I look forward to reading many more of her vast collection of work.

Armchair Interviews says: Scott can always be counted on for good storytelling in her historial romances.

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