Boo Humbug

Published By: WaterBrook Press

Book Category: Fiction,

Reviewed by Lacy J. Williams

In this charming and inspirational novel, Rene Gutteridge makes sure that Christmas will never be the same in Skary, Indiana.

When Lois Stepaphanolopolis comes up with a crazy spin on the familiar Dickens Christmas tale, the citizens of Skary, Indiana had better watch out. She dreams of creating a play that will wow her community and showcase her writing and directing talent. Now all she needs are some actors and promoters.

Alfred Tennison absolutely hates the Christmas season. Can’t stand it. Between the lights, carolers and shoppers, he can’t seem to escape its cheer. When he gets roped into promoting a Christmas play for the nutty Lois, he believes he’s hit rock bottom.

Wolfe Boone feels like the walking dead from helping his wife Ainsley care for their new baby, Abigail. All Wolfe really wants is a decent night’s sleep and a change from the never-ending dirty diapers. A friend talks him into a temporary reprieve in the form of Lois’ play–he can spend several hours a night relaxing away from home. But Lois’ writing leaves something to be desired, and Wolfe isn’t sure he can stick it out.

Will these three be able to pull off the Christmas play that the community expects? Can Alfred overcome his past and find the peace he’s been looking for? Will Wolfe?

Gutteridge has a great recipe for creating an engaging read. Take one part colorful characters, a dash of humor and witty dialogue, and fold all this into a small town setting that sparkles. Add in a cast of kooky but fun supporting characters, and you’ll come up with Boo Humbug, a warmhearted novel full of Christmas cheer.

The spiritual thread in this novel is visible but not preachy. Gutteridge’s trademark humor shines and readers will get a kick out of this book.

Armchair Interview says: Highly recommended.

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