Another Green World

Published By: Knopf

Book Category: Fiction,

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Reviewed by Michele E. Davis

In this historical fiction, Ingo Miller, a.k.a. Josef Müller, is in Eastern Europe in 1944 as World War II is coming to an end. Miller is an American who has come to Eastern Europe to help other American friends he met at a Youth Organization meeting in picturesque Germany during 1929. Miller found his true nature there, right before the Great Depression. He discovered he was a homosexual and realized that everything he had been searching for as a child and teenager was all right before him in Germany. But Miller was an American German, and a non-Jew to boot, who ended up hooking up with Isaac, Sammy and other characters that were Yanks in the middle of nowhere 1929.

That was time of peace between the two World Wars and when Miller goes back to Eastern Europe it’s to help Sammy and Isaac. Sammy is a journalist who is working closely with the Red Army. His connections are underground and his methods sneaky, but he lures Miller there with a note from Isaac. Miller’s friend Martina, who convinced him to help rescue Isaac because he was in trouble, also goes along on the trip. Since Miller had helped Isaac back in the mountains during their Youth Retreat, after Isaac was confronted by a group of Aryan-type boys who were anti-Semitic and fighting Isaac, Miller is the only one he will trust.

The assignment for Miller is to find a document drafted by Himmler that undeniably demonstrates that the Germans were going to slaughter all of Europe’s Jews, along with saving Isaac from whatever trouble he’s gotten himself into in Eastern Europe.

Grant describes lush scenery, the scratchiness of the SS uniforms, the attitudes of the Germans, Polish and Americans, but most especially he describes the horrors of the camps in a dispassionate way that pulls you in.

Armchair Interviews says: Imaginative and historical, well written, a simply intriguing read. A great book if you’d like something different than the run-of-the mill WWII books

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