A Week from Sunday

Published By: Grand Central Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Maria Elmvang

Adrianna Moore is just 25 when she loses her father. Still reeling from the shock of suddenly becoming an orphan, grief turns to despair when her father’s colleague, Richard Pope, tells her that he is the executor of her estate, and it was her father’s wish that she should marry him, otherwise she would get nothing of her inheritance.

From the very start there is no doubt that Mr. Pope is a psychotic and creepy older man – how creepy is not fully revealed until later – and Adrianna does the only thing possible at that time – she runs away. But on the wet streets in the pouring rain she loses control over her car, and crashes into a truck. Fortunate to survive the crash, the female doctor from the nearby town recommends that she stays with Quinn, whose truck she crashed into, in order to keep away from Mr. Pope–and at the same time, help Quinn with his brother. Reluctant at first, she agrees and soon becomes good friends with Quinn and brother Jesse–and sworn enemies with Quinn’s househelp who has long had her eyes on Quinn. Tempers rise until it all comes to a head when Richard Pope comes to town.

As a good old-fashioned romance in the style of Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown, A Week from Sunday is a delightful historical novel filled with conniving lawyers, murderous housemaids and of course, the indispensable rugged hero.

A Week from Sunday cannot claim to be anything but a light read, but even so it is totally addictive as it draws you into a quiet Louisiana town of the 1930s. While I did think Mr. Pope got off much too easily for his pompous, and honestly, rather stalker-ish behaviour, the ending was very satisfactory and nicely tied up all loose ends.

Armchair Interview says: Highly recommend A Week from Sunday for a few hours’ escapism.

Author’s Web site: http://www.DorothyGarlock.com

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