A Wanted Man

Published By: HQN Books

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Linda Lee

Lark Morgan is a schoolmarm with a secret she can’t afford for anyone to learn. New to Stone Creek, Arizona, she teaches in a one-roon schoolhouse in clothing more befitting a woman of wealth and stature than a poorly paid single woman.

Rowdy Rhodes is the new marshall of Stone Creek and new to town as well. He’s been hired by a fedeal ranger to keep peace in a small town, as well as help find the gang of train robbers who are disrupting rail sesvice and scaring passengers away. Rowdy has a secret of his own and being found out could mean the end of his freedom.

When Rowdy’s father and younger brother show up, it spells trouble for the new marshall. Lark has trouble of her own on the horizon when the owner of the railway gets held up by the train robbers, one who has eyes the same deep blue as Rowdy’s. Rowdy needs to put a stop to the robberies, and Lark needs to find a way out of town before the train’s owner finds her. And both of them might be better off if they weren’t so darned attracted to each other. But, who can they trust?

Throw in an elderly landlandy with secrets of her own, a little girl left to fend for herself, a 20-year-old third grader, and a Chinese doctor and his wife—and you have an ensemble sure to make for an entertaining story.

You can expect to laugh, sigh, and feel the pull of your heartstrings with this one. A well-written tale from an author who knows her way around a horse and a dog. Highly entertaining read.

Armchair Interviews says: Once you read a Linda Lael Miller book, you’ll look for others.

Author’s Web site: http://www.LindaLaelMiller.com

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