A Time to Clash: Papers from a Provocative Pastor

Published By: Townhall Press

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Social Science

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Reviewed by Sharon Broom

Doug Giles is the pastor of ClashChurch in Miami, Florida. He’s also a columnist on TownHall.com and an author. His current book is A Time to Clash: Papers from a Provocative Pastor.

As you read Giles’ book you will quickly learn that he is not politically correct. He is not someone who minces words about anything. What Doug Giles is, is a Christian pastor who takes no hostages as he informs the world how he feels about the liberal left and all others whom he believes are ”˜screwing’ up our churches, families, our country, culture and the world.

There will be some readers who are uncomfortable with many of the ways in which he describes people and behaviors. I am one of those people. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how entrenched I have become in the political correctness of our society. And that really frightened me.

Giles offers no apologies for his views as he discusses, with candor and humor, everything under the sun. He gives his take on wives, husbands, the boyfriends of his daughters (read thoroughly those who are applying for job of boyfriend and disregard at your own risk), guns, Islam, homosexuality, Al Gore and his global warming ”˜side show,’ hunting and various far-left-leaning liberal celebrities.

While some may be put off by the way Giles puts forth his thoughts, I would ask that they go beyond that and give what he says a chance. He loves God, his country and his family and wants all to thrive. I was upset before reading A Time to Clash, now I’m really angry that we have become soft wussies that will be easily defeated by our enemies. And our enemies know this.

Conservatives will love A Time to Clash and liberals won’t like it, nor will they read it, most likely.

Armchair Interviews says: One person is saying what many Americans already believe.

Author’s Web site: http://www.ClashRadio.com

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