A Highlander For Christmas

Published By: Zebra

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Wendy Hines

Sir Cameron MacLeod is so excited to be going off to war! He has been taught the ways of his people: honor and glory.

He knows standing with his fellow kinsmen to protect his land will grant him both. When his aunt has a vision of his slaughter, she begs him not to go, but to no avail. Desperate, she bespells him to keep him trapped until a time arrives that he is safe.

Claire has an average life. She has a small business and a few close friends. When one of her dear elderly friends passes away and bequeaths her all of his belongings, her average life becomes anything but. After opening one of the boxes, a very large naked man appears in her bedroom.

Poor Cameron! Trapped in a future he does not understand with a past he cannot come to terms with. All he wants to do is go home.

And poor Claire! Saddled with a huge man who is bossy, demanding and rude, not to mention constantly being arrested. All she wants is to send him home.

In time, both Cameron and Claire come to follow an internal journey to understanding. Cameron learns the hard way that there is farmore to life than womanizing, drinking, and slaughtering. He learns nothing is as important as loving someone, no matter the cost. Claire learns that people are human. Sometimes they make mistakes, but forgiveness can help relieve some of the hurt.

This is the first book by Sandy Blair I have ever read. I am impressed. The characters are alive and realistic. I could picture them in my mind and feel as if I know them personally. Though both main characters are from completely different worlds with different thought processes, its easy to understand their motivation and have empathy for both. The story is fast paced and easy to read, keeping the reader entranced thoughout. Some of the comedic sequences, such as the clam digging, are absolutely delightful.

Armchair Interview says: This book was a fantastic, magical read.

Author’s Web site: http://www.SandyBlair.net

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