What's the Difference?

Published By: Sylvan Dell Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

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Reviewed by Shawn Remfrey

I love this book! Each page is so full of information and it’s presented in such a fun, unique way. It teaches not only about different endangered species, but also what those species enjoy doing, as well as how humans are helping them and subtraction.

Though the subtraction may seem out of place, it really fits in quite nicely and adds a lot to this sweet book. Each page has a small box in the corner that tells a bit about the animal and how humans are currently helping them. These facts are definitely geared more towards older readers, parents and caregivers. Then we have a cute rhyming verse with a subtraction problem embedded in it. These verses can easily be read and enjoyed by younger children. Then we also have a large, bold-faced subtraction problem that coincides with the rhyming verse! None of these are overly difficult and are definitely geared towards children learning the basics of subtraction. The largest number used is ten.

The illustrations in this book had me fooled at first. Looking at the front cover, I thought they were more realistic and geared towards older children. I found as I went through each page though, that they’re bright and colorful. Though mostly realistic, they still have a touch of whimsy that will engage younger children. My four year old fell in love with a page full of butterflies.

At the end of this book is an educational section. Again, this section has a wealth of information. There’s a section on endangered animals, food chains, as well as animal math.

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