Book Submission Terms and Conditions

The book review submission form is being completed by the author, publisher, publicist or other person authorized by the copyright holder of the submitted book ("You"). You acknowledge that you have the right to submit the book for review and the ability to agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of the copyright holder. You also agree that you will either submit a book cover for use on AI and/or you give us permission to download the book cover from

If we accept your book for review, we will notify you via email. If a book is not accepted, it is most likely because none of our reviewers have expressed an interest in reviewing the book. This should not be interpreted as a judgement about the quality of your book. Due to the number of requests we receive and the number of reviewers we have, not all books can be reviewed.

The more copies you provide the more reviewers will review your book and the faster reviews will be posted to our site. ("AI"), at its sole discretion can post one or more of the reviews to our AI and/or other sites on which we post reviews including, but not limited to,, and Our reviewers are allowed to post the review they do for AI to any of these sites as well.

You acknowledge that AI will, in some cases, have you send review copies of your books directly to our reviewers. You acknowledge that all copies of your book sent to AI WILL NOT be returned and shall remain the property of AI and the individual reviewers.

Even if your book is accepted for review, we cannot guarantee when a review will be posted. We aim for 4-6 weeks. Sometimes it's faster, but there is no firm timeline. We will notify you when the review is posted.

You agree not to contact the reviewers for any reason whatsoever (other than sending the book to them) including, but not limited to asking to change a review, asking when a review will be completed, etc. Should you contact any reviewer after your book has been sent to them, the review will not be posted and you will no longer be allowed to submit books to AI.

You acknowledge that the review posted on AI is just the opinion of the reviewer. You acknowledge that you may not like or agree with the review and that if you do not, AI is not obligated in any way to change it or delete it. You agree that if for any reason you decide to sue AI over the contents of a review, you agree that you will do so in Hennepin County District, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and that you will pay all of our costs, disbursements and legal fees, should we prevail. 

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