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Most recent Juvenile Non-Fiction Book Reviews

Gentle's Holler Kerry Madden

Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Kerry Madden, author of Gentle's Holler, has written a beautiful, humorous and poignant story of a mountain family who knows both poverty and love intimately.

Livy Two…

Harry Sue Sue Stauffacher

Reviewed by Connie Anderson

"Just because he knew nothing short of a miracle could make his dream come true didn't stop Homer Price from helping me realize mine."
Harry Sue (nick for Harriet…

Cherry Hill's Horse Care for Kids Cherry Hill

Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Kids who are interested in horses really need a mentor who is experienced in all aspects of the care and handling of horses. And they could certainly use Horse Care…

Nick & Slim The Legend of the Falcon Mine Pamela Henn

Reviewed by Kathy Perschmann

Imagine an adventure book that is part western, part time travel, part mystery, and part ghost story...that is Nick & Slim! Though Slim and his friends…

Each Little Bird That Sings Deborah Wiles

Reviewed by Linda Lee

This book is full of humor, grace and love. Comfort Snowberger writes her own obituaries and tries to have them published in the local paper. She also has a list of…

My Brother's Keeper Patricia McCormick

Reviewed by Helen Marti
My Brother's Keeper is the story of a single parent family consisting of mom and her three sons: Eli who is slightly strange, has a bike called Tonto and a female cat… more

Flashcards of My Life: A Novel Charise Harper

Reviewed by Maria Hoeffer

Oh, those awkward days of junior high! Friendships teeter-totter, crushes make you crazy and your parents really just don't get it at all. For her birthday, Emily…

Three Good Deeds Vivian Velde

Reviewed by Mayra Calvani

Howard is your typical nice, yet sometimes not-so-nice young boy. For one thing, he loves to play pranks, especially on defenseless geese and the poor old women who…

The Printer's Devil Paul Bajoria

Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Mog Winter is an orphan whose job is as an apprentice in a printing shop. The locals fondly refer to Mog as "the printer's devil."

After staying up late one night…

Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers Lee Fodi

Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

The land of Een is not an easy place to find. It is "tucked in between the cracks of here and there, a tiny, quiet place that the sharpest eye would miss."

Een is…

Almost Home Nora Baskin

Reviewed by Maria Hoeffer

Leah's whole world has been turned upside down. She is suddenly living with her father and new stepmother while her sister and mother move across the country. She's…

Door Within (The) Wayne Batson

Reviewed by Barb Radmore

"Adventures ar
funny things
They may creep out of holes
Appear down a seldo
Trodden path
Fall out of a tree, or eve
Arrive in an envelope
But they always star
the same way

Christy Miller Collection: Volume 1 Robin Gunn

Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

Robin Jones Gunn's popular Christy Miller series is now available in three volumes. The first three stories, Summer Promise, A Whisper and a Wish and Yours Forever

Ginger Pye Eleanor Estes

Reviewed by Myra Calvan

More than anything else in the world, Jerry Pye wants a dog. The timing couldn't be better, for over at Speedy's barn a litter of newborn puppies has just arrived. Not…

Ice Drift Theodore Taylor

Reviewed by Laura V. Hilton

Fourteen-year-old Alika and ten-year-old Sulu are Inuit brothers who live up in the Arctic, near Greenland. While hunting seals, Alika hears the ice cracking, and…


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