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Most recent Horror Book Reviews

Immortal Bonds Dawn Scovill

Reviewed by Liz Bright

Immortal Bonds is superbly crafted and a compelling story of the supernatural. This is the debut novel of author Dawn Scovill, a master storyteller. In this super…

The Right Thing James Larson

Reviewed by Sabrina Williams

Elsbeth Malone was an aspiring author. She wanted desperately to be published. With each agency’s rejection letter, she became more despondent. Her husband…

20th Century Ghosts Joe Hill

Reviewed by Kathy Perschmann

Joe Hill has received many, many awards. This book was originally published in Britain by PS Publishing in 2005, and it won the British Fantasy Award, The…

The Ruins Scott Smith

Reviewed by Jake Chism

Scott Smith brings us a terror-filled summer vacation in his latest thriller.

Four friends travel to Cancun, Mexico for a few weeks of relaxation and fun. Soon they…

Dark Lullaby Mayra Calvani

Reviewed by J.C. Hall, Top Epinions Reviewer

While Gabriel Diaz debates philosophy with his ex-girlfriend, Liz, in a bar, the two of them arguing hotly about the discrepancies between law…

Tales from Blue Springs: The Hatchet Woman R. Garth

Reviewed by C. L. Rossman

Subtitled “A Southern Gothic Romance,” this is a quirky, funny, yet horrifying little book. It comes out of nowhere and tells the story of Sarah, an…

Deadworld Dennis Dufour

Reviewed by Shawn Remfrey

It all begins with a scientist in a lab and quickly spreads to frightening degrees. Gabriel Boudreau investigates a crime that makes no sense. Soon he realizes that…

Infected Scott Sigler

Reviewed by Mark M. Owen, Ph.D.

Scott Sigler’s Infected is highly contagious. It firmly grabs you in the beginning and tauntingly pulls you through to the end, even though the final…

Ghost Radio Leopoldo Gout

Reviewed by Julie Failla Earhart

“Caller, you’re on the air.” From graphic novelist and producer/director Leopoldo Gout comes a new pen in the world of the macabre. With…

Vampire Zero: A Gruesome Vampire Tale David Wellington

Reviewed by Diane Snyder

He was her mentor, her partner and a hero – but now she was on a hunt to kill him. It was a desperate plan to eradicate the remaining vampires, but it has…

Contagious Scott Sigler

Reviewed by Rachael Dimond

A mysterious and dangerous disease is infecting people all over the world, and it could become a serious epidemic if it isn’t cured quickly. Without any…

Harvest of Souls Michael Wayne

Reviewed by Shawn Remfrey

The small town of Mystery Falls is just like any other. You have the cool kids and the outcasts. When one of the outcast boys, Jeremy, falls for one of the cool…

The Genesis Secret: A Novel Tom Knox

Reviewed by Barbara L. Fielder

This novel places you squarely in the path of danger beginning with the grisly and upsetting attack and torture of a non-descript man, a caretaker who was at…

Dead On (Five Star Mystery Series) Robert Walker

Reviewed by Stephanie Boyd

Four years ago former Atlanta police officer Marcus Rydell was left alive and physically unharmed while his partner and two other cops were brutally slain. Since…

The House of Lost Souls F.G. Cottam

Reviewed by Stephanie Boyd

There is something truly ominous about the Fischer House and when people visit there, if they leave, they leave changed forever. Twelve years ago Paul Seaton went…


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